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Scott County USD 466

Rumor Has It


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I heard....is that true?

USD 466 is committed to open and honest communication with patrons, parents, students and staff. 
Truthful, reliable information is the foundation of this commitment

In an effort to improve communication in our district, USD 466 has created this site to provide answers to questions regarding district policy and confirm or deny information that may sometimes circulate through our community.

The district will address these questions and then provide a response on this page for all to see. Please submit your questions in the white boxes below. The answers will come from those best qualified in the district to answer the questions.

For private concerns, rumors, questions about district individuals, or questions requiring extended dialogue, please contact the school or district office by phone. comments or questions about specific individuals by name will not be addressed in this forum.

Unless you post your name or e-mail address, all postings will remain confidential and anonymous to both the district and to the public.



I heard...is that true?
date                 subject

8/16/12  question/comment: was wondering about the prom policy regarding
underclassmen not be allowed to attend. how long has this policy been in place and what is the reasoning for it. is there any possibility of the policy being changed? it seems a shame that if a junior or senior is dating a freshman or sophomore that they aren't able to share that milestone event with them.

response:the prom in the spring has always been a jr/sr prom so only juniors and seniors are allowed to attend.  we have a christmas prom that all students can attend.

10/2/12 question/comment: is the drug testing policy still in effect for students in activities?

response: yes it is!

10/10/12 question/comment: is there only one more prom left for freshmen?

response: yes there is only one prom for freshman.  it is christmas prom.

12/14/12 question/comment: where is the lunch menu?

response: place your arrow over the  go-edustar parents area (top of the page) and there is another row of links that will appear. there you will find the menu link

12/14/12 question/comment: does flying your beaver flag under the us flag violate united states code title 4 chapter 1 ? the flag, sec 8i: "advertising signs should not be fastened to a staff or halyard from which the flag is flown" ?

response: i have done some checking on this. from reading the code under title 4, chapter 1, section 8, that you may not fly any type of advertising on it on the same flagpole and the us flag.i interpret this to mean any banner/flag advertising any business specials or sales or etc.also, no posters of any kind (bake sales, garage sales, car washes,)may be attached to the same flagpole as the us flag.from reading the code under title 4, chapter 1, section 8, it is my understanding that church and society flags may be flown on the same pole as the us flag, but must be of equal or lesser size and must be flown below the us flag.our school flag is considered a society flag, as are fire department flags, vfw flags, ems flags. according to this code, it is my understanding that we have been flying our school flag correctly, if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me. 
rusty lindsay 

9/12/13 question/comment: is it an option to invite a girl/boy who is from another
school or home schooled to a schs dance?

response:yes.you must turn in a guest request and have it approved.

4/15/14 question/comment: is there going to be a dance team for the 2014-15 school year?
response:  we do not know at this time.
4/29/14 question/comment: i heard the high school is having to get rid of 12 teachers due to being in debt is that true?
response: no it is not true.

4/29/14 question/comment: i heard that this upcoming year .....the students will not

be getting ipads because of the budget cuts, is that true?
response: no decision has been made regarding ipads for next school year.

5/01/14 question/comment: i heard that an experienced core-subject teacher at the

scms is being moved to a study hall position that will average 8-10 students per class period for
each of the eight periods.....is that true?

response: a teacher is being reassigned to an at-risk position to help
service students with high needs.  both the high school and elementary school have similar positions designed to help struggling student to be more successful.  the total number of students will be determined by staff recommendations and tested indicators
5/02/14 question/comment: wondering why winter weights was one of the programs cut. this gives the kids that don't go out for wrestling/basketball another outlet for keeping in shape until spring sports starts. if the cut is completely a financial based decision, why not offer it as "pay to participate" program like what's done in the summer? i strongly disagree with doing away with the program altogether and hope this decision can be re-evaluated.
response:the weights program has not been completely cut.  weights is offered during the school day.  if a student wants to lift they need to take it as a class during the day
08/21/14 question/comment: is it true that the student id's will have a chip in them to track students?
response: no that is not true.

10/07/14 question/comment: are the activity busses equipped with wi-fi yet? my volleyball player has wanted to do homework on the bus and has not been able to because there is no wi-fi. this makes it very difficult for her to keep up with her homework and makes for some late nights because homework has to be done when she gets home from away matches. please help!
response:  yes, wi-fi was installed on 09/26/14 on both activity buses.

11/07/14 question/comment: i was wondering about something i heard today from a student. they said that if students were caught playing cops and robbers, tag, sardines, those kind of games at night they could be suspended. is this true? if it is, what is the reasoning behind this rule?
response:this information is inaccurate.

11/14/14 question/comment: i heard a certain english teacher let two of the football
players in her class go to lunch after cheating on her test while keeping
all the other students and ranting at them that they were lazy and
underacheivers for minutes. why is this teacher allowed to act
inappropriatly with the standout jocks?
this statement is not true.

2/6/15 question/comment:  do the students get to keep their ipads over the summer?
repsonse:yes, students will get to keep their ipads over the summer.
2/24/15 question/comment: do we have school friday because of state wrestling?
repsonse:yes we have school on friday.  if a student chooses to attend they need to make arrangements with the office.
2/25/15 question/comment:is it right for a teacher to comment an unnecessary and inappropriate emoji (😜) on a highschool boy's facebook status which happened to be a picture of another high school boy reading a magazine on the toilet?
repsonse:after further investigation into the situation, the emoji was not posted and meant to be interpreted as inappropriate.  the emoji has been removed to not cause any harm or misinterpretation towards the staff member or to the student. 

staff members are discouraged from creating personal social networking accounts in which they friend students or future students for their own protection and safety and the safety of the student. 

3/31/15 question/comment:i was wondering what the $25 the students will have to pay
to take their ipads home over the summer will be used for. i thought the original policy where you paid $75 allowed our children to take their ipads home over the summer break.
repsonse:the policy signed at the time of enrollment states that:
students will be assessed a $75 annual technology fee which includes the cost of insurance. the insurance policy covers one ipad per student per school year for any costs outside the manufacturer's warranty. 

the $25 will assist with purchase of new apps, repairs, maintenance, and use of the ipad.

4/22/15 question/comment: what happens if a senior does not have the community service requirements fulfilled by the time graduation rolls around?
repsonse:they do not graduate.  community service is a graduation requirement.

4/28/15 question/comment:what kind of ipad will the middle school students be
getting next year, is it the ipad air 1 or the ipad air 2? i want to be sure so that i
do not get the wrong case for my child.
repsonse: it will be an ipad air 1

5/15/15 question/comment:i thought the school board had already voted on keeping
the middle school mascot and colors the same. why is it being brought up for a vote again?
repsonse: it is a school improvement project that the middle school site council presented to the boe.

5/19/15 question/comment:why is the site council allowed to have a very pro mascot change letter accompanying this survey? who is reporting the votes from this survey?
repsonse:the letter is allowed to give an understanding of the traditional bluejay and the
reason there is a request for change.
the survey is operated through socs the same company as the district website .
5/20/15 question/comment:what is the deadline for this mascot survey?
repsonse:the deadline is may 29.  
6/08/15 question/comment:question/comment: my kid forgot to get her physical, (she's in middle school) can we get it somehow so she can do sports?
repsonse:please click the link below. all info pertaining to physicals will be there



8/05/15 question/comment:so i would like to know why we can not bring homemade treats to our children's birthday party's at school? i would also like to know why we are no longer allowed to bring them outside food for lunch. ie: pizza hut, subway and wendy's. if i pay to enroll my child in school, then i don't see why i cannot bring an outside lunch to them

repsonse:there is a restriction on homemade treats for a couple of reasons. first, we need protect students with food allergies from being inadvertently exposed to ingredients that could be harmful to them. packaged products list ingredients allowing the student or adult in charge to monitor what they eat. second, we cannot monitor sanitation in the preparation of homemade treats shared with other students, and don’t want our students to eat foods that could have negative effects on them.

outside food can still be brought in, but please bring it in packaging from home. food items brought in packaging from restaurants causes unnecessary distractions with students in the lunchroom making management of the lunchrooms difficult. carbonated beverages (pop, energy drinks) are not allowed to be served in lunch at school, and will not be permitted to be brought in.

the fees assessed are curriculum and instruction fees and are separate from school lunch fees. school lunch fees cover the cost of providing school lunch.

8/05/15 question/comment:

Will the middle and high school still be drug testing
even with the budget cuts?

repsonse:Yes, both schools will continue with testing.

02/18/16 question/comment:'I was wondering where to get current scholarship information. The "Counselor's Corner" page hasn't been updated since last year. The
repsonse: The "Counselor's Corner" page is now updated with the latest information from
the counselor.

03/01/16 question/comment GOOD LUCK to our Beaver Basketball Boys and Lady Beaver Basketball Girls as they enter their Sub-State games!

02/19/16 question/comment:What is the districts policy on investigation of a
teacher calling students "inappropriate names" in front of other classmates? How is
this kind of behavior addressed? It is disturbing to know that there may
be a teacher doing this when they are supposed to be sympathetic to the
needs of all children regardless of any type of learning disability

When handling a concern with a staff member, it's recommended to communicate that with administration and/or other supporting staff.  When there are concerns that are brought to administrator’s attention, typically they are communicated with that person/persons involved to get both sides of the story.  If some incident did occur, it would be documented, the teacher would be given strategies or other avenues to help that teacher improve.  Depending on the incident, wrong doing will be handled with disciplinary actions. 

06/15/16:question/comment: who is the director of curriculum in this school?
repsonse:Joyce Lauber or Jamie Rumford

07/28/16:question/comment:Who's is in charge of community service hours? Why is it very seldom updated? Is it true some kids turn in hours then not given credit for them or they are "lost"?
repsonse:STUCO sponsor is the person in charge of the community service hours.  Some hours are approved and some are not depending on what and who they did the work for.  Hours are updated monthly.

06/28/17:question/comment:Did the usernames and passwords for goedustar change?Nobody has been able to log on.
​repsonse:Usernames and passwords for goedustar have not changed. Everyone is locked out right now due to scheduling for next year. We will get them unlocked after enrollment in August

06/29/17:question/comment:Are we going to have to pay our college classes the day of GCCC enrollment?  
repsonse:GCCC asks for half of tuition fees due on day of enrollment. You can fill out a form at enrollment for a payment arrangement plan for the remaining balance.

06/29/17:question/comment:How are we supposed to enroll  the third and fourth of august if we aren't sure if we got the college classes? Will we get our schedule before those enrollment dates?
repsonse:The Dates may change due to you not having your final schedule. We are waiting to hear from GCCC of alternative dates. We will release updated info as soon as possbile.Thank you for your patience!

07/03/17:question/comment:Are we going to have to pay our college classes the day of GCCC enrollment?
repsonse:  Yes, GCCC requires half of total fees due on the day of enrollment. (Payment arrangements for remaining balance will be made at the same time as enrollment.)

07/03/17:question/comment: How much are the college classes usually? Is there someone I can contact for more info?
repsonse: GCCC has not sent us their updated fee's for 2017-18. We expect to receive them by August 1st. 


I heard....is that true?

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